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Steampocalypse 1909


When a unit is within CCB or RNG of an enemy unit they may execute an attack action.

The attacking unit must have LOS to the defender. A ranged attack may only be performed if a unit does not need to reload.

Attack Sequence:

·          The attacker declares the attack action.
·          The attacker calculates total RCB or CCB, including any modifiers.
·          The attacker rolls total RCB or CCB dice.
·          The attacker counts total HITs rolled.
·          The defender calculates total DEF, including any modifiers.
·          The defender rolls any number of dice up to the total DEF
·          The defender counts total HITs rolled.
·          The defender subtracts total HITs rolled from DEF from total RCB or CCB HITs rolled.
·          The defending unit loses HPT equal to the total remaining attack HITs.
·          If the defending unit is killed it is removed from gameplay.


Each unit has a defense pool equal to their DEF plus (or minus) any modifiers. This dice pool refreshes every time the unit activates. The defense pool is the number of dice that unit can use to defend each turn. If a unit uses all of its dice pool to defend against the first attack it has no defense that turn against subsequent attacks.

Combat Modifiers:

LOS:         A unit has LOS to another unit if it can draw an unobstructed line from its base to the other base.

Obstruction:             A block in the LOS. Can be created by terrain or other units. A unit or terrain piece with a smaller base does not create an obstruction. Units or terrain pieces with the same size or larger bases create obstruction.

Light Cover:             A defensive bonus that a unit may receive when it is within 1” of a terrain piece of equal size and the attacking unit is not flanking. Unit receives a +1 DEF bonus.

Full Cover:               A defensive bonus that a unit may receive when it is within 1” of a terrain piece of larger size and the attacking unit is not flanking. Unit receives a +2 DEF bonus.

Flanking:  When you can draw a straight line from the center of your army unit to the back 180° of an enemy unit, that unit is flanked. A flanked unit receives a -1 DEF bonus and the flanker receives a +1 RCB or CCB bonus.

Close Combat:          When a unit is engaged in melee combat with another unit it. A unit engaged in CCB receives a -2 RCB bonus. A unit must make WIL 2 roll (roll WIL with a minimum of 2 successes) to disengage from close combat. A failed attempt gives the other unit(s) it’s engaged in CCB with a +1 CCB bonus to attack it until the start of that unit’s next turn.

Officer:                    The leader(s) of your army. A play may only have one officer of each rank in their army at the start of the battle. If all a player’s officers are defeated that army loses. Each officer is ranked in the following format OF4, with the number following the OF being the rank and range of that unit’s command.  For example an OF4 has a range of 4”.

Named Units:           An army may only have copy of a uniquely named unit. Units with unique names will have two rows of information on their Unit Card. A  B.A.C. army could have 20 conscripts, but only one Oliver Brookwater, British Captain.