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Steampocalypse 1909


Each unit may perform two actions per round without penalty. However, a unit may be pushed to perform a third action. A pushed unit loses one HPT and is unable to perform any actions next turn.

Move:                      A move action allows a character travel up to its MOV value in inches, measured from the front of the base. Turning a unit to look a new direction counts as a movement. 

Attack:                     If a unit has LOS and an enemy character is within range a unit may execute an attack.  The RNG determines the maximum range for a ranged attack. This is measured from the closest points of the two bases. RCB and CCB determine the attack strength. CCB range is 1/2” unless a character has the Reach ability.

Defend:                   A unit may enter a state of pure defense and gain +1 to DEF until the start of next turn. A unit may not attack and defend in the same turn.

Reload:                    Unless otherwise noted all ranged weapons (RCB) must be reloaded after being fired. All units start the game with their weapons loaded and ready to be fired. 

Special Ability:         The unit activated the special ability on the card. For me information and a commentary on specific special abilities please see the Special Abilities section.

Special Actions

 Charge:                   The unit rushes in a straight line up to double its MOV+2. If the unit ends its movement within melee range of an enemy unit it may conduct a melee attack with a +2 CCB bonus. However this attack leaves the unit vulnerable to incoming damage and the unit receives a -2 DEF until the start of the player’s next turn.  A unit may not perform any other actions or movements the same turn it does a Charge. A unit that Charges may not be pushed the same turn.

Push:                        The unit takes an additional action. This leaves the unit exhausted. As a result the unit takes 1HP damage and cannot act next turn.